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Track your social media efforts

You’re on Facebook and you’re on Twitter. You’re on Instagram. You’re on all the main social sites out there. You want your business to be popular and you’re not getting enough traffic or popularity or fans. What should you be doing to increase your social media presence?

Before you could be doing well on the social media platforms, you need to figure out if you’re doing the right things or not. If you’re not tracking the right metrics, you won’t know if you’re heading in the right direction. The first metric you should be tracking is the number of new fans you’re getting consistently. Not just total count, but how many new ones are you getting on a weekly/monthly basis? The goal is to have more and more added every single week/month. This is called the growing rate and the faster the pace, the better.

The second important metric is keeping track of your competitors’ growth. Your competitors could be growing faster or slower than you. Ideally, you want them to be growing slower. If they are growing faster, that means they are doing something you’re not. There are many tools marketers can use to find out how fast a business is growing its social presence compared to its competitors.

Another metric that you will want to keep track is called the engagement. How many comments are you getting per social post? How many people are liking the content you post or retweets your posts? How many people are sharing your content on LinkedIn and so on so forth. If that percentage is going down that means you’re not building a thriving community to help your content go viral. You want to acquire loyal followers. And the way you do this and the way you cultivate this is if you respond and engage with people. It helps businesses build a much more loyal audience.

The last metric refers to how much content are you pushing out there? If you don’t post enough content, status updates or insights about your business multiple times a day, you’re not going to build a thriving community. If you track these metrics you’ll get a good idea on your growing rate. Moreover, in your Google Analytics tool you can see if you’re getting more social traffic and more sales. By following these metrics you’ll know if you’re going in the right direction. If you want to learn more about social media advertising and the challenges marketers are facing, read my latest article.