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Consumer Behavior on Social Media

All around the world, marketers and business owners are trying to understand if consumers are willing to buy products or services advertised on social media. They are also trying to find answers to questions such as what are the customers’ needs and wants on social media and how can the products or services catch the attention when there’s so much competition on social media. However, the first step is to acknowledge how customer behavior works in different purchase stages of social media.

Pre-Purchase Stage – Awareness, Interest & Consideration

The customer journey usually starts with customers seeing a brand and its products/services on social media. Nowadays, digital marketing has developed useful tools that help marketers and business owners to obtain insights about consumers so they can create targeted content. Moreover, if you are relying on organic reach, paid ads and even earned media rather than foot traffic, it’s easy to measure the awareness, the interest, and even the consideration phases. You can analyze which content performed the best and which one needs to be improved or changed depending on your target audience and factors such as location, demographics, and psychographics.

Purchase Stage – Evaluation & Purchase

The moment a customer evaluates whether to buy your product happens under the evaluation step. Social media platforms are very useful in this stage because most of the business accounts have an abundance of high-quality content that helps customers to understand what that business has to offer. Customers analyze the features, the price, the reviews, and even the alternatives. When customers decide to make a purchase, they are eager to satisfy their needs and also make a good deal. These factors are subjective to each customer but also make the difference between your business and the competitors. The purchase metric is the most important one because it’s the only one that brings revenue, therefore, the purchase stage is also the most important.

Post-Purchase Stage – Post-Evaluation & Loyalty

The loyal customers are usually the ones that re-purchased the products or services because they were satisfied with what the business is offering. If the customers really like a brand, they will go the extra mile and do free advertising for the business. Tagging a business location, mentioning the business in the comment, posting a picture about that particular business are actions that happy customers usually do. Therefore, businesses should always be concerned about the post-evaluation phase because it represents the key to better customer experience and hence, a deeper customer behavior understanding on social media. If you want to learn more about social media advertising, check my latest post here.