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Consumer Behavior – Cultural and Social Factors

Often marketers wonder what influences consumers. How can we predict when the purchase pattern is going to change and if it’s going to change? Some influencing factors define the consumers’ buying pattern. For instance, culture plays a vital role in determining the consumer behavior. Culture can be translated as the sum of beliefs and includes a particular human society as a whole, the roles that the society plays, the behavior of the society, its values and traditions. The culture is divided in groups of people who share the same values, customs and traditions. You can define them as a nation, a religious group, racial groups and also groups of people sharing the same geographic location.

At the same time, every society possesses more types of social classes. It’s important to know what social class is being targeted because the buying behavior of a social class is quite similar. Remember, not just the income but even other factors can describe a social class. People originating from different cultures, sub cultures, occupations and even social classes have different styles of living. Different life styles affect the purchase pattern. Every individual is different and has different and distinct personalities. Their distinct personalities and distinct physiology effects their buying decisions. However, purchase of products and services can be very similar within the cultures, sub-cultures or people that belong to the same social status.

Understanding differences in culture can help marketers build a more effective communication strategy to reach beyond cultural and social borders. The way a person behaves, interprets, or responds to different situations will be, to a great extent, influenced by their own cultural context. If you want to learn more about why is important to understand your Customer Persona read my latest post here.