Posted on: April 20, 2020 Posted by: flaviaantonescu Comments: 0

Why is useful to create Customer Personas?

Persona is a profile that represents a particular group of people such as a group of customers or users of a market segment. A persona is not a stereotype but rather an archetype based on research. Even though personas are fictional they create groups of people with similar needs.  Personas need to be created based on common user needs, patterns or similar interests. Businesses need to be careful when using demographics for personas.

Age, gender and income is data that is easy to get and therefore it’s often used in marketing to segment customers. However, demographics often lead to stereotypes and not actionable insights regarding actual customers. Try to use your personas as a chance to break free from current ways of market segmentation and create personas that are based on research which can ultimately help you break down silos and get away from stereotypes.

It’s important to know how to create customer personas for your brand and how to use the valuable insights they provide. Personas can be used to share research findings and insights but they can also help businesses to step in their customers’ shoes. In order to create a customer persona, brands need to figure out what they want to learn about their customers. Questions such as “what are their goals?”, “what are they worried about?” or “what needs or expectations do they have?” are very useful when defining a persona. Once you’ve figured out some questions, chances are you know a little bit of information about your customers such as how often they buy your product, what’s the most popular product, what they complain the most about it, etc. This valuable data can be also added to your personas.

Buyer personas help brands understand and empathize with their customers so they can do a better job of acquiring and serving them. By creating a buyer persona to focus on, marketers will have a deeper understanding of potential consumers to attract, which will lead to effective marketing campaigns and strategies.