Month: April 2020

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Why is useful to create Customer Personas?

Persona is a profile that represents a particular group of people such as a group of customers or users of a market segment. A persona is not a stereotype but rather an archetype based on research. Even though personas are fictional they create groups of people with similar needs.  Personas need to be created based on common user needs, patterns or similar interests. Businesses need to be careful when using…

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Decision-Making Process in the Restaurant Business

Having a restaurant that provides food delivery is not an easy task especially with so much online competition out there. Eating is an ongoing necessity and brands don’t have to create the “need” of eating. However, because of the aggressive competition in the food industry, losing a client during the online ordering process is always risky. To better understand how the customer journey works businesses need to understand what each…

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Responses to Dissatisfaction – Restaurant Business

Running a restaurant business is not an easy task. You are dealing with so many customers daily and, most of all, with their wants and needs. You can’t satisfy everyone, but at least you can try. There are times when things don’t go as planned so businesses need to know what to expect. There are many ways an unsatisfied customer can complain. However, the most damaging way for a business…