Month: March 2020

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How can you track the data on your website?

In the era of digital marketing, the majority of the businesses own and run a website. They either use the website to sell various online products or increase the brand’s awareness among consumers. If you own a business or a blog, chances are you’ve heard about Google Analytics. However, not everyone knows that Google Analytics provides valuable data that can increase the sales of a business. What is Google Analytics?…

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Why is Marketing Audit important?

What could you be doing differently this year to improve your business growth? The best strategy is to start with a marketing audit and see how your company’s marketing efforts could be tweaked and improved to help you achieve your growth objectives. When you decide to do a marketing audit you could do it yourself or you could get somebody from outside your organization to come in with fresh eyes.…

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Why brands like Whole Foods can change behaviors?

Brands need to understand that consumers need to be perceived more like humans and less like numbers. Indeed, numbers provide valuable insights when brands use the data to place consumers into categories and obtain a useful segmentation. On the other side, when it comes to creating brand positioning and transmitting the right message, brands must act with empathy. Whole Foods is one of the brands that not only understands its…