Posted on: March 10, 2020 Posted by: flaviaantonescu Comments: 0

Tableau and Excel – Which one to choose?

Tableau is one of the most brilliant business intelligence tools in the world. It’s a software that allows professionals to visualize data and identify the reasons behind trends. Tableau gives meaning to visualizations and provides extremely valuable insights. On the other hand, Excel is one of the most used computer software programs for businesses today. Excel is an important asset for all business professionals to have because it allows you to perform multiple operations with the business data before you start analyzing it in Tableau. Both are indispensable tools in the arsenal of data analysts and scientists no matter the business industry. Many professionals are confused about when, how and for what to use Tableau or Excel. The main important take-away is that they serve different purposes. Here is a short guide about different actions that you can take using these two powerful tools:


– powerful and intuitive tool

– doesn’t need previous programming knowledge

– interprets data located in the cells

– allows you to visualize data more powerfully and effectively compared to Excel

– allows you to combine several types of charts

– builds up meaningful interactive dashboards

– saves a significant amount of time if pre-designed existing Excel dashboards are used in Tableau

– can’t perform multiple operations


– a powerful computer software tool, not very intuitive

– allows data manipulation

– optimal to be used as a creation tool

– imports, organize and explores massive data sets in expanded spreadsheets

– great for multi-layered calculations

– can’t interpret the information located in the cells

– has limited data visualization

Using one tool doesn’t necessarily mean that you can forget about the other and the other way around. While Excel is not as powerful or intuitive as Tableau when it comes to data visualization, Tableau will not be your first choice when you would like to use it as a database creation tool. Therefore, a business professional needs both Excel and Tableau given that they serve different meanings and purposes.