Posted on: February 10, 2020 Posted by: flaviaantonescu Comments: 0

How to use the 4 A’s model to position your brand

Some brand positioning principles apply to every business no matter the size of the business, category or target market. Principles that help business owners and marketers to better define the brand and make sure they are following the best approach to reach specific areas and consumers. 

The 4 A’s model is similar to the 4 P’s model with the difference that the 4 A’s principles are created from the customer’s perspective. Businesses care more about concepts like the product, price, place, and promotion whereas consumers want to know the answers to questions such as: how can the product satisfy my needs, can I afford the product, is the price fair and the product easy to obtain? The 4 A’s model is just a fancy marketing concept because, in the end, the concept has more common sense than you imagined. You just have to think about everything as a consumer does.

The 4 A’s model helps businesses to create and offer value for customers. By identifying exactly what they want and need, you provide acceptability aka “Can your product satisfy my needs?”. In case the need does not exist yet, your only chance is to create it. Make consumers believe they need a certain product and your work is halfway done. Affordability aka “Can I afford your product?” helps businesses create a price strategy for the targeted consumer. There is no price “too low” or “too high”. It’s only the wrong price for the wrong consumer. Accessibility can be translated as “Can you offer me convenience”? In fewer words, it means you need to go where your customers are. Awareness not only means making sure that consumers are aware of your brand but also ensuring the following: affordable products, accessible, and acceptable in their opinion. 

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