Posted on: December 5, 2019 Posted by: flaviaantonescu Comments: 0

Thinking about buying fake followers? Think twice.

As many of you enjoyed my previous article about social media advertising challenges, I found another topic of interest: fake followers. The fake follower trend existed since the dawn of social media but hopefully, it will come to an end. What does it mean to buy fake followers, likes, or views, and here’s why you shouldn’t do it.

The Fake Followers concept

Fake followers or Bots are automated software tools that act like followers or users. They have a “real” profile, post pictures, captions, and can even comment, like and engage with other accounts. At first glance, it means that for a small amount of money, you can get fake followers to follow your account, and the total number will dramatically increase overnight. Therefore, you’ll have to work less to make your social account (business or personal) to look popular. Some will say it’s a great deal. For less than $50 dollars you can get around 5000 new followers in a blink of an eye. However, besides losing the $50, you’ll lose more. Things like credibility, a good algorithm and even experience a temporary ban for your account.

Everyone will know you have fake followers

An account with fake followers is very easy to recognize. There are some signs to read, and you don’t have to be a professional marketer to notice that. First, there is a big difference between the number of followers and actual engagement. For instance, if you are having a business account with around 1500 followers, you should get between 25 and 35 likes at each basic post. The number can increase if the post is a high-quality one. In other words, a good engagement rate is between 1% and 3%. Therefore, each time you see that an account is followed by 5000 people but the engagement is low, there is something tricky out there. No account can have thousands of followers and 20 likes for a post. Secondly, as soon as by any chance someone checks your followers, they will start seeing weird, strange characters populating your list. You can tell they are not real individuals. They are bots that act as followers and users, and besides being a number, they don’t represent the real engagement of your account.

If you will ever be tempted to buy fake followers, remember that less is more. Having fake followers doesn’t mean you’ll have to work less. You’ll have to work the same and having $50 less in your pocket.