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Why Social Media advertising is challenging

There are a multitude of online articles debating if social media advertising is working. There are many social media specialists sharing advice on how to make your social ads work. More or less, all the articles are suggesting that you maybe need to change your approach, content, audience, the social media platform, the budget and much more. Changing the elements in your ads might help you to reach more people and your impressions rate might grow, but in the end, you’re going to ask yourself: where’s my return on investment? Well, you might never know. Here are some facts that will make you reconsider social media advertising. 

People are fed up with social media ads

To better understand the phenomenon, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Your social media page is your comfort zone. You follow people and (maybe) brands that you like. Your friends, family, celebrities, favorite sports team, food blogs, travel blogs, fitness gurus, etc. Indeed, social media is free, but you have never opted to be bombarded with ads. Honestly, you are so fed up with ads that you don’t even see them anymore. When the ads appear on your feed, nothing can stand against you and your favorite content. Automatically your fingertips are scrolling and sliding faster to get escape the ad. This is a subconscious action that you don’t even realize anymore. The outcome is very simple. If customers don’t see the ad anymore, they don’t acknowledge the brand, its products or services. SurveyMonkey says “74% of people are tired of social media ads”, but they’re effective even if aren’t necessarily providing users with a good experience. However, they don’t say what they mean by effective.

Consideration phase is (almost) inexistent on social media

Think about the consideration phase in the customer journey. At this point, your customers are comparing different brands that can solve their problems or fulfill their needs. Now think about this. How many times did you surf Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to buy shoes, vacations, order food, buy a phone, rent a hotel, get a gym membership, subscribe to a media-service provider or try the newly opened restaurant near you? Rarely. Social media platforms are not used by customers to buy products or services. When customers are surfing social media they just want to enjoy themselves and keep in touch with their friends or people they admire. Therefore, if your ultimate goal is to increase sales, you should not waste your money on social media advertising because your customers are not in the buying mode when navigating on social platforms.

It’s very crowded out there

There are so many things happening on social media at the same time. You are competing with everything that’s out there for awareness. There is too much noise happening around and the chances for your message to penetrate the targeted audience are very low. Not to add that, as discussed before, people navigate through social media without the intention or interest to buy something. Social media is good to have because it’s free and you need to be where your customers are. But don’t count too much on a social media campaign. If you are planning to spend $200 a month for social media advertising, think about the other options you have. What can you do with this budget to increase your success chances? You can do a contest, you can do a giveaway or just reward your most loyal customers. Commenting and following your customers is always recommended and it’s the fastest way to success and brand awareness. Directly engage with your audience by interacting and chatting on social media. Don’t expect to pay $200 and obtain the same results. More potential customers will enjoy entering a conversation with a brand if the brand has a good story to tell and chooses a holistic approach.

When we talk about social media advertising, money spent is not money gained. Turn it into time well spent!