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Why Digital Marketing and IMC go together like the Horse & Carriage…

The Bundy Family

Remember the popular television show called “Married with Children” and its well-know theme song that says, love and marriage go together like the horse and carriage? Without knowing it, Frank Sinatra is describing the relationship between two powerful tools called Digital Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications. Now that I caught your attention, let’s go back to business. We need to understand what each concept means and why they are so interrelated.

Integrated Marketing Communications

This concept is used by marketers worldwide when sending various messages to consumers. As the reception of the message by the public is critical to the survival and success of businesses, marketers are constantly seeking to send the best message, to the right consumers and the right time. There is no generic best message that can be sent because everything depends on the marketing goal, targeted audience, the communication channel, and the specific message. However, we can conclude that IMC is a tool that (when used in the right way) can change attitudes, desires, and consumers’ behavior. Depending on the buying decision stage of the targeted consumers, the message needs to inform, remind, persuade or connect. To do so, marketers need to understand the connection between communication purposes, the target audience and the design of the message. As follows, there is no better way to make a marketing communication serve your purpose than relating it to the insights provided by digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a modern marketing approach that was here to stay since day one. But what exactly digital marketing means? When we think about this concept we need to put aside everything we know about old school advertising like newspapers, magazines print ads, billboards, posters, and direct mail. In fewer words, let’s think more about electronic devices and how technology can help marketers succeed in their endeavors. Every advertisement that you see on the internet, employing electronic devices can be considered digital marketing. But why is this innovative concept better than other forms of advertising? The answer is Information. And information means Power. Marketing based on the information doesn’t mean 100% success, but it smoothens the path on the right track. Before the birth of digital marketing, the first step was to design the content/message and hope that it will reach the right consumers. There were a few ways to measure your success and market penetration. Whereas, digital marketing is a revolution. Nowadays, designing the content and the message comes as a second step. Before creating comes researching. After creating comes measuring. The good news is that all this information is at your fingertips. The right consumer, the right content for the right consumer, at the right time, is what technology has to offer.

The Horse and Carriage relationship

While times have changed and old school advertising is fading, marketers are now able to combine more marketing strategies in one to accomplish success. But which is the horse and which is the carriage? Judging by the roles, digital marketing is the “engine” that pulls the information in the right direction. It’s a horsepower engine. It creates fine-tuning for information. In regards to IMC, think about a carriage full of information. When trying to send a message, marketers need to provide sufficient information pointed in the right direction. To stay on the right track, you need guidance. The message also needs to be easily understandable by the target audience. But what type of information and which target audience? Digital marketing will provide that. Maybe you just want to remind your consumers about your products, but how do you know which are the consumers that need a reminder? You are right again! The answer is digital marketing. Do you want to change the behavior of your audience? Well, if you want to change something, you need to know what to change first. Digital marketing will tell you everything you need to know about your consumers and much more.

Therefore, to better understand the relationship between these two concepts think about the lyrics of the song: “You can’t have one without the other” – Frank Sinatra, Love and Marriage, 1955.