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The 10 Commandments of the Almighty Customer

I am the Customer. I can make you fail or I can make you succeed. You need to understand my needs and offer me convenience. You need to know how to communicate and what to communicate. I get bored fast. I change my mind. I like fair. My second name is Fair. I want fair prices, services, products and value for money. I will answer your call to action, but first, I need some fair answers.

Get to know me

Don’t say you know me if you didn’t even take the time to analyze me. Which segment do I belong to? What are my needs, and my behavior? You need to know if I’m going to use your products, the reasons behind doing so, as well as and my post evaluation. I don’t mind interviews, surveys, and field studies. As long as these can help you improve your quality, it will help me too!

Show me your 4Ps

You say your product is very good. Well, is it good for me? If you did your homework, you should know this by now. Are your Prices bigger than your competitors’? Help me to learn why should I pay more for the same. I’m confused. But if you take the time to explain, I will take the time to listen. As I told you, I like convenience. Toys r us failed because of me. The place is very important. Are you too far and you don’t deliver? Count me out. Are you too close but your schedule is 9 to 5? I’ll try the other place and maybe I will even like it! Did you hear about the tokens of appreciation? I did. The business next door to you has fidelity rewards. At every 10 meals, I get one for free. And it’s also very good!

You need to give me the 4As

Acceptability is not only a hard word to write. It’s also hard to achieve. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal with you. In fact, I really like to choose the best for me and my family. Design a product having my needs in mind. I said my needs, not yours. Affordability. What a deal breaker word. Sorry to say that, but if I don’t afford to buy your products, that means you got me wrong in the first place. No worries, just go back commandment no. 1. You also need to be easy to obtain and easy to use. Please don’t complicate my life. Everything starts with Accessibility. How will I ever get to know your product if I can’t reach it? I might lose my interest before even trying to get it. Some say, no response is a response. Maybe you didn’t Communicate the information good enough. Can you say it in a different way? Maybe this time I will hear.

I don’t like aggressive selling

I’m so fed up with words like Order Now, Call Now, Subscribe Today, Join Now. I can see you are advertising your new product. I can see you have out of this world offers. Of course, I’m going to order from you, if your product is what I need. Of course, I’m going to call you and make an appointment if your services are outstanding. Maybe not today, not even tomorrow. However, I Order you Now to stop using these words. Honestly, how did that sound?

Can you show me some good content?

I have preferences and soft spots for particular content. I like to navigate through social media and analyze people’s behavior. I don’t mind seeing you on my feed, but give me an extra reason to watch your content besides your products and services. I like real-life stories. Don’t try to trick me with photoshopped images. If I don’t receive what you promised to deliver, I promise you’ll not trick me twice.

Can you be my source of inspiration?

Don’t wake up in the morning asking yourself what are you going to post today on your social media account and invade my feed with your nonsense. Can you surprise me with a consistent feed, a clear message, no grammar mistakes and inspiration for the whole day? I don’t ask you to be Tony Robbins, but honestly, if he can do it, you can at least try. And if you’re not feeling creative, that’s fine. I can be your muse. Actually, I am your muse.

Show me your marketing communication skills

If you want to Inform me, make sure you give me sufficient information, but not too much. If you can make Goldilocks happy, you can make me too! Sometimes I forget about you. You need to help me Remind. But what if I wanted to forget you? You need to show me that you have changed. Don’t be afraid to go “Back to the Start”. Are you trying to convince me to subscribe, to call you, to buy your products or to try your services? I can do that. If you are original and cool. Nobody wants to be associated with boring brands. If you want us to Connect, be careful with the Noise. There is so much noise each time you are trying to send me your message. You need to make me focus, so I can hear you better. If I don’t “hear” your ad, try sending me a newsletter.

Be easy to find in the digital era

Things have changed. So am I and so are you. If I want to find you, I have the tools. But you need to be there, right in front of my eyes. Don’t hide in plain sight. Make sure that you are in the same place as me. If I’m on social media, you need to be there. If I’m on Yelp, you need to be there, if I google you, I need to find you. I won’t be Sherlock Holmes. I’ll be Mohamed and you’ll be the mountain. But don’t freak out, it’s not like you are going to walk miles to reach me. I’m at the end of the Distribution Channel. And we are just a click apart!

Remind me about Reviews

My memory acts weird. Somehow, I always remember to write negative reviews when I’m upset and disappointed, but almost never when I’m satisfied with a product and service. I have no explanation, but it’s a reality. Can you please ask me for your well-deserved 5 stars and a few kind words if you see me happy? I would gladly do so. Writing a good review makes me feel like Super Man. Saving the world from Shoddy, Shabby, and Junky. If I could only remember! But that’s why I got you.

Do you like WOMM? I like good stories too!

I’m not a marketer but, honestly, who doesn’t like free advertising? I just need you to give me a good story to share. What do I mean by good? Well, you can start by showing me some back of house stories. I want a glimpse of any corner of your business that my eyes are not supposed to reach. Why? Because humans are curious by nature. I would also like to know how you do the things that you do. Maybe I can learn something. If you inspire me, I will share your content. But don’t forget to thank me and give me appreciation. Kindness is priceless. And so is my advertising.

Some say, when we teach, we learn. I’ll say, before you speak, listen.


Your Fair Customer