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How to launch a successful product awareness campaign

Every business wants to make its products as popular as they can be. Making potential customers familiar with the distinctive qualities or images of a particular brand, products or services can increase the revenue. Awareness is essential for every type of business but it doesn’t come for free. You are about to launch a new product and you want to convince potential customers to try it. Where do you start from?

Choose your end goal

This is the step that makes you better understand what exactly do you want to achieve with every campaign you build and conduct. Product awareness is different from a campaign that, for example, focuses on bringing overall awareness about a brand. Your main goal can be to drive leads to your website, increase the foot traffic or drive leads to your online store. However, your goal needs to be very specific, depending on your needs.

Set your campaign budget

Each dollar needs to be spent wisely and every action needs to be taken having the main goal in mind. Thinking strategically about how the budget will be spent is critical to a product awareness campaign. Nothing can happen by chance. The numbers need to be detailed, categorized and pointed towards the different steps of your campaign. You need to wisely spread your budget across the timeline of your campaign and across the distribution channels.

Identify your target audience

If your area of operations is in Miami, you will want to advertise in Miami, not in South Florida. If your business delivers in a certain radius, every single advertisement that covers more than your radius means money thrown out the window. If you are running a beauty salon you will want your target audience to be women. Choosing the right target audience is vital for optimal results.

Design your content

An inconsistent content, a confusing message, grammar mistakes, lack of inspiration and disorganized content doesn’t bring anything good to your business. Plan to answer these questions. What type of content should I promote in the product awareness campaign? Is it connectable? Is it clear? Is it shareable? Before you start advertising your product, have a content calendar in place. It will help you to better visualize and also to decide what content does your targeted audience prefers.

Choose your channels of distribution

To choose the best channel of distribution, you should first determine who are your customers and where are your customers. Are your clients on social media? What are their interests? Once you know your customers, you are able to figure out which channels of distribution to use. Your customers are at the end of the channel and they are just a click away from you.

Monitor your campaign

Adjusting your campaign is essential. Check which KPIs are performing better on which channels of distribution. Flexibility is everything. Switch to another channel if the content is not performing on that specific channel. Swap a type of content with another. Shape your content to your customer’s preferences and tastes. Keep an eye on every metric. It’s vital for a successful campaign.

Analyze the results

At the end of your campaign, you will want to analyze your overall achievement. When you analyze the numbers, you need to also check if your achievements are connected to your objectives and main goals. Tracking will tell you exactly what worked and what didn’t. You will then know how to improve your campaign, without throwing your money out the window. You need to invest in what really works. However, this is only possible if you track your campaigns right from the beginning. Happy product launch!