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Poor Content. Poor Business.

Two years have passed since I started creating marketing content for our business, a healthy food restaurant chain. Recently, I took the time to analyze my past content, and guess what? I wish somebody would have told me how to create good content from the beginning. Mistakes are part of our life and we can learn a lot from failure. However, I would never again sacrifice the social media growth of my business so I can test my marketing “knowledge”. Not in the era of digital advertising.

Create professional content

Once you have decided which type of content creates more engagement, by analyzing your social media insights, invest time and money to create professional content. Refrain taking photos and videos with your smartphone! You can easily see the differences between pictures taken by a professional Nikon camera compared to your iPhone X. Don’t take my word for it. See Tom’s Guide article on Camera Face-Off. A $500 Nikon camera bought at Costco takes way much better photos and videos than a $1000 Apple device. I did this mistake because I was comfortable with using my smartphone. Now I feel the need to delete all the smartphone pictures from all the social media accounts. The quality is so poor that I’m afraid our customers will perceive our products like my pictures. Mediocre and low-quality products.

Include people, human elements, dogs and kids in your pictures

This is not a joke. People have preferences and soft spots for particular content. Each time you navigate through social media, try to analyze your behavior. Which pictures are catching more of your attention? Are the ones in which people are doing various activities? Are the ones in which people show-off their belongings, outfits, gadgets? If the answer is yes, what you need to do next is to include your products in people’s day to day life. Are you advertising a salad? Take a picture of a woman wearing a nice dress and put a salad into her hand. People will first look at the women, her dress and eventually at your product. Are you advertising a watch? Take a picture of a man riding a scooter while wearing your product. Riding a scooter is cool so you can try to influence/make your customers believe that riding a scooter and wearing a type of watch is even cooler. Avoid taking photos of your products without anything around it. I call this type of photos “dead photos”, photos that have no story to tell. This is how your engagement will be if you’re not trying harder.

Create a content calendar

Don’t let anything to happen by chance. Don’t wake up in the morning asking yourself what are you going to post today on your social media business accounts. Not being organized brings a lot of disadvantages. An inconsistent social media feed, a confusing message, grammar mistakes, lack of inspiration and disorganized marketing of your products. Instead, plan to answer these questions. Which of my products should I promote and how many times a week? Should I post testimonials in my feed? How many videos should I post each week? What’s the best time to post? How much time should I spend each day engaging with customers? It can be hard at the beginning and there are many questions that seek answers. But once you have built your weekly/monthly calendar, you can take a deep breath. Things are going to improve.

Last but not least, avoid aggressively advertising your products. People are fed up hearing words like Order, Call, Today, Now, Subscribe, Follow. Captioning a simple and honest story not only makes an ad more effective but also gives the ad a greater chance of appealing to more customers.