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How to increase your WOMM?

Why is “word of mouth” so important for your business?

Because people trust other people and the experiences they have while testing a product or using a service. When they hear from a friend or a consumer about a product or brand, they are more likely to buy it. Consumers trust their friends. This is why word of mouth is the most amazing source of advertising. The numbers don’t lie.

Google Reviews

Always keep an eye on Google reviews. This is the easiest way for customers to find you. Let’s imagine this. You are starving (problem identification) so you decide to order food. Let’s assume you have a healthy lifestyle. You want to order a healthy meal for lunch, so you open the Google browser on your mobile phone (information search). As soon as you type “order healthy food” or “healthy food near me” you are stepping into the evaluation of alternatives phase. So many options! So how do you usually decide from which restaurant to order? As soon as you see the pictures posted by customers, you are already dreaming about your perfect lunch. What else are you looking at? Reviews! Of course, reviews. Would you ever order food from a place that has 3 stars on Google? I don’t think so. Without even receiving your lunch, you are already imagining how your perfect lunch is transforming into a disaster. This happens with all the customers. It’s a pattern. They are evaluating their options, performing a quick analysis of their options, and hopefully, decide to order from your restaurant. So, do you want to become one of those restaurants, from where clients are avoiding to order because of the poor Google reviews? I don’t think so. Act today and set up your Google My Business account. Check for updates, fill out the missing information, upload quality content and ask all your happy customers, friends and family to post a positive review about your business. 

Social media platforms

You are using social media to post about your products and services, and the best-case scenario, bring awareness to your brand. Truthfully, there’s more about social media than meets the eye. It’s more about engaging with your customers and be a part of the community where your business is performing its activity. Your social media is worth zero if to post is the only activity you do. And, let me assume you are doing one more thing. Waiting for customers to visit your page. Well, YOU need to go where your customers are. That means to dedicate a vast amount of time to interact with your customers, to like and comment on their post, and share their stories. This is how you make them feel important and special. If a customer shares your products on their feed, don’t make yourself comfortable. Go ahead and show your gratitude for their business, re-share their posts on your company’s social media platforms. Encourage them to do the same in the future. If you have regulars that are also spreading the word about your business, go the extra mile and offer them something, as a token of appreciation. There are many ways to retain a loyal customer that helps you to grow your brand’s awareness. You just need to pay more attention to these details. Soon, you’ll be confident that word of mouth marketing is the most valuable source of marketing.

How I motivate my clients to do advertising for my business

When customers post on social media or write a positive review about my business, I send a private message letting them know how much we appreciate their business. I ask if the order was complete and if they feel satisfied with our service. I then repost their photo or video on our social media platforms. I have dedicated a special place for their content, so the other customers can see it and feel inspired to do the same. So far, this is the most valuable (and free) advertising I got and I proud myself with having a vast amount of such content. To have a better understanding of how much value this type of marketing brings to your business, I have uploaded a short video. It’s containing some of the stories that our customers shared on their social media. After enjoying this video, I’m pretty sure you’ll wish your customers would be that awesome. However, you first need to give your customers the love they deserve.